Choose Sweden as your arena for developing the future of transports

With ITS, future transports will be more efficient, safer and gentler on the environment. When developing ITS solutions and services, transforming ideas into reality is dependent on the ability to test innovations. This is a hurdle in many countries.

In Sweden, there are unique possibilities for those who want to test their ITS ideas. Four test arenas, each with a unique focus, work together to offer a broad concept for ITS development.

This concept, “ITS Test Sites of Sweden”, is the common platform for the cooperation. The four operators are ITSdalarna, Kista Science City, Lindholmen Science Park and NetPort.Karlshamn. The cooperation is coordinated by ITS-Sweden.

ITS is short for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services, improving effective transport solutions with IT support. The ITS concept includes everything from simple electronic signs that give up-to-date traffic information to planning systems for long haul goods transport and travel.

Lindholmen Science Park

The heart of the Swedish vehicle cluster is located in Western Sweden. Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg coordinates several arenas for larger pilot, test and demonstration projects within ITS, in cooperation with many partners, both Swedish and international. The following programs connected to ITS are operated at Lindholmen:

Test Site Sweden, SAFER, Closer, TUCAP, Visual Arena and Security Arena.

Box 8077
SE-402 78 Göteborg

Contact: Leif Axelsson
E-mail: Click here
Phone: +46 73 904 70 26

+46 31 764 70 00


The ITSdalarna cluster has built the test arena TDA E16 allowing roadside tests and demonstrations. It is a permanent arena with test sites adjacent to European Highway E16. The location is in the immediate proximity of the Swedish Transport Authority´s Head Office and the Dalarna University. This makes it excellent both for product demonstrations and for projects where science expertise is needed. Service is offered to anyone wanting to use the arena. Traffic volume, weather sensors, traffic cameras, safe parking, travel planning for tourists, rural ITS and other tests can be performed.

Forskargatan 3
SE-781 70 Borlänge

Contact: Annica Roos
E-mail: Click here
Phone: +46 73 822 22 97

+46 243 737 77

Kista Science City

ITS development in Kista Science City is influenced by Stockholm’s need for innovative traffic solutions. Here, the focus is on developing and testing new services that enable people to make smarter choices when to travel – or not. Located here are the global headquarters for Ericsson, creator of future communication solutions and IBM, creator of Stockholm’s congestion tax system, as well as Stockholm University Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Swedish ICT including Acreo, SICS, the Interactive Institute and Viktoria Institute, all prepared to do their part for future ITS successes.

Färögatan 33
SE-164 51 Kista

Contact: Åke Lindström
E-mail: Click here
Phone: +46 70 585 15 74


The test area for NetPort.Karlshamn covers Sweden’s southernmost counties, Skåne and Blekinge. The area is primarily focused on the development of intelligent systems for information handling in traffic, transports, goods and logistics.

Cooperation between different modes of transport is an important element, as is the development of transactions and payment solutions in a mobile, international and competitive environment.

Biblioteksgatan 4
SE-374 35 Karlshamn

Contact: Samuel Henningsson
E-mail: Click here
Phone: +46 73 399 99 54